Matthias Jagenberg Rechtsanwalt
Matthias JagenbergRechtsanwalt

Hello and welcome to my Homepage!

I am a German lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) with own practice in Hamburg since 1994.

My practice is mainly focussed on supporting German and international companies regarding all aspects of corporate and trade law, labour law, building law and IT/media law aswell as M&A.

Beside my occupation as a lawyer I am a lecturer on corporate and trade law, civil law and labour law at two renowned private universities in Hamburg.

You can find articles on German law which I regularly publish in the newspaper "Stadt Land Hafen", the newspaper for the logistics branch in Hamburg. Read more in

I correspond in German, English, Swedish and French.


Rechtsanwalt Matthias Jagenberg

Neuer Wall 75

20354 Hamburg

Tel.  +49 (0)40 380 833 80

Fax. +49 (0)40 380 833 77



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